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...Capturing Movement....


Naz Perver Weich is a captivating artist whose work transcends boundaries and invites viewers into a realm where movement and energy intertwine with colors and lines. With a diverse background spanning Pakistan, Italy, England, Germany, Kenya, and Canada, Naz's artistic journey has been influenced by a rich tapestry of cultures and experiences.

From an early age, Naz's passion for art has been a driving force in her life. Her talent was recognized when she won a scholarship to the prestigious 'Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci' in Perugia, Italy, where she honed her skills in painting and photography, graduating in 1986. Drawing inspiration from the cubists like Picasso and Cezanne, Naz has developed a unique style that deconstructs and reconstructs form, offering a multidimensional perspective that transcends conventional notions of representation.

Naz's work explores universal subject matter while retaining a figurative essence that demands close observation. Her intricate layers of colors and lines reveal a world in constant flux, evoking movement, change, and vibrant energy. Within her canvases, one discovers subtle curves and angles that captivate the eye, ushering the viewer into a dynamic visual experience where each passing glance reveals something new and thought-provoking.

Through her deft use of lines and color, Naz breathes life into her creations, infusing her figures with a sense of motion as they traverse their individual spaces. Her brushstrokes, masterfully executed, convey the fluidity and shifting nature of form. With her magnifying glass, she highlights the intricate interplay of human shapes, drawing the viewer deeper into her mesmerizing universe of form, color, and shape.

Naz's artistic philosophy is rooted in the belief that her paintings should engage the intellect, evoking aesthetic and philosophical contemplation. Her work demands attention and elicits a response from the viewer as she masterfully captures the essence of movement in her ever-evolving silhouettes.

In 2017, Naz expanded her artistic repertoire to include pottery, staying true to her concept of movement. Each unique piece she creates, with its own identity, reflects her artistic vision and embraces the concept of "Perfect Imperfections." Like her paintings, Naz's pottery embodies the spirit of movement, giving tangible form to her artistic expression.

Naz Perver Weich is an artist whose passion and creativity know no boundaries. Her paintings and pottery invite viewers to embark on a journey where the unseen becomes visible, where movement becomes art, and where each stroke of her brush or touch of clay captures the essence of a fleeting moment. Step into her world and let the vibrant energy of her creations leave an indelible mark on your imagination.

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