...Capturing Movement....


"It’s all about capturing what the eye cannot see, but what the mind knows is there! When I paint, it’s not so much about the subject matter. It’s about movement, the movement that is always there. I want to capture that movement, show it through lines and colours, express how it changes and influences the energy that is always surrounding us."

Born in Pakistan, Naz has lived in Italy, England, Germany, Kenya, Pakistan, Canada and now Kenya. An avowed artist since her early teens, she won a scholarship to Italy where she studied at the ‘Accademia di Belli Arti Pietro Vannucci’ in Perugia. She graduated in 1986 specializing in painting and photography. 

Naz Perver Weich has taken the influences of cubists like Picasso and Cezanne to inform and refine her own style. The destruction and reconstitution of form is used to create multiple angles and viewpoints, offering the impression of colors and lines to express form over the idea of form itself. Though her work mostly deals with universal subject matter, it is more often than not, figurative, but requires much looking to make out the various forms. The different layers and aspect of the subject matter are broken down into colours and lines, fascinatingly slipping in and out of focus showing movement, change and vibrating energy. Her unique style offers little, sloping curves within the straight edges which captivate and disseminate the view over the canvas. Everything takes on new shapes in the wake of these details offering something new at each passing glance.

Through her clever use of lines and colour, Naz brings movement alive, as her figures move through their individual spaces leaving a curving wake behind them, replicating the ripple in a pond and exemplifying the movement that she seeks to capture. Her masterful brushstrokes imply the subtle shifting of form and motion.Her magnifying glass reflects the point and counterpoints of the human form as the viewer is drawn deeper into her dazzling universe of form, colour and shape.


Naz speaks with passion about her work, emphasizing that her paintings must stimulate some intellectual reasoning within the viewer-both aesthetic and philosophical, demanding attention and response from the viewer as she brilliantly captures the movement of her ever-changing silhouettes.